Transforming Lives, Shaping Futures

This year marked the 25th anniversary of the Glenrose Foundation. As a charitable organization, the Foundation regularly reports back to the community on the impact[...]

It’s National Philanthropy Day! Thanks to everyone who supports their community through investments of time and donations, we couldn’t do this without you. Enjoy this[...]

Jordan recently learned to do wheelies in her wheelchair, an impressive trick she is proud to demonstrate. The 9-year-old has Giant Axonal Neuropathy, a rare,[...]

Kendra has spent the last few years travelling the world, earning a geology degree, completing her yoga teaching certificate, skiing and otherwise enjoying life. In[...]


Guy knew as soon as he hit the ground that it wasn’t good; he couldn’t move at all. The father of five had been trimming[...]

It was almost seven years ago that Adam lost both of his legs as the result of being hit by a train while at work.[...]

Jordan’s life was changed forever when he was at work on the highway, getting ready to repair a pothole. He was climbing into the back[...]

For the first few months of her life Avery was hitting all of her milestones. When she was 6-months-old she suffered a seizure and her[...]

The sound of birds chirping, a plane flying overhead, the laughter of a loved one. For Caroline Schwabe, none of these sounds were distinct. Talking sounded like mumbling –[...]

You never think that it will be your family that is rocked by a medical misfortune. The Parsons family never dreamed of the journey their young daughter, Addyson, would[...]

Imagine never being able to tell someone that you love them. Never being able to voice how much you appreciate your loved ones and how they have changed[...]

Recognized as a social butterfly amongst her family and friends, Lana is a vibrant young woman who enjoys bringing people together. In 2014, Lana’s life[...]

Imagine living nearly eighteen healthy years and then suddenly sustaining a severe brain injury because of bleeding in your brain. While emergency surgery repaired the[...]


For years Una had been experiencing challenges with her legs, yet tests left the problem undiagnosed. Annually, she travelled to her home country, Jamaica, to[...]

For five years Melanie lived in China, studying and performing Kung Fu from 4:50 am to 10:00 pm each day. After being back in Canada[...]