Transforming Lives, Shaping Futures

Four-year-old Will either has a smile on his face, or has the whole room smiling. While today he is a chatty, funny, and active little[...]

At this last year’s National Philanthropy Day awards, we had the pleasure of celebrating the profound acts of kindness and generosity of five Edmonton community[...]

When Barb lost her leg in 2016, her life was forever changed. The support she received from the Glenrose not only helped her regain her[...]

2023 Courage Awards The 18th annual Courage Awards ceremony, presented by James H. Brown & Associates was held on November 14, 2023. Two courageous Glenrose[...]

At the 18th annual Courage Awards, held in November 2023, Russ Walker was recognized with the Impact Award. Russ has dedicated his life to serving[...]

When most people imagine their life at 27, they don’t picture having a severe stroke that steals their mobility and their identity too. But that’s[...]

Child Life Month March is Child Life Month, a chance to celebrate child life specialists, professionals that help kids cope with their hospital experience to[...]

In October 2021, Jan’s life changed drastically when she was riding her horse, Wager, at Elk Island National Park. Wager was spooked by a group[...]

Meet the 2022 Courage Award Recipients Each year staff at the Glenrose Hospital nominate their patients for a Courage Award. The criteria for nomination includes[...]

People are shocked when they learn that Mandy had a stroke at 36. It was something she never thought would happen to her. Mandy’s stroke[...]

Each year the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) recognizes those who contribute their time, talent and financial support to charitable organizations. In 2022, the Glenrose[...]