Jim’s Journey

Photo of a man with a prosthetic leg sitting outside a hospital on a sunny day

Thriving after a serious accident

Jim never imagined that a small burn on his ankle, from a fire pit grate, would lead to his leg being amputated. But, when infection took over and antibiotics weren’t working, doctors told him he had no other choice. Initially they said his foot would be amputated just above the ankle but, when he woke from surgery, he discovered they’d had to remove everything below his knee, because the infection had spread so quickly.

After spending three months recovering at an acute care hospital, Jim moved to the Glenrose for intense rehabilitation. A few weeks later, he received his first prosthetic. At 62-years-old, Jim needed to relearn how to walk, drive and get back to his life, all while using the new prosthetic. Throughout his rehab journey, he kept focused on his independence. His goal was to be able to do things for himself, and he even told his physiotherapist he’d be off his crutches in a month and a half. Jim met that challenge, always ready to work twice as hard as instructed. After four-and-a-half months, he was discharged and returned home.

Amazingly, Jim does more today than he did before the accident. He plays golf, swims, travels, plays pickleball and drives. He even took up skiing for the first time! He started on the bunny hill with instructors and has graduated to the bigger hills.

Jim appreciates his care team at the Glenrose, admiring the fact that they pushed him to do as much as he could without making it hurt, while focusing on his recovery the whole time. As the only free-standing, tertiary level physical rehabilitation facility in Canada, the Glenrose is a unique and vital place for people with disabilities and injuries.

“I arrived at the Glenrose feeling like my life was over and now I’m doing better than before the amputation.”

– Jim

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