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The Glenrose isn’t just a hospital—and our focus isn’t on just today. The Glenrose Hospital Foundation provides a unique avenue for partners and donors to enhance the quality of life for thousands of people—every day for the rest of their lives.
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Read about patients who have achieved remarkable success made possible by the commitments and contributions of our partners and donors.

After experiencing a stroke, the Glenrose helped Mike become … well, just Mike again. And he couldn’t have asked for more. “The Glenrose changed my[...]

“Imagine being born into a world that was not designed for you,” says Brad Bartko, former Glenrose patient. For Brad, this was all too true[...]

Four-year-old Will either has a smile on his face, or has the whole room smiling. While today he is a chatty, funny, and active little[...]

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It’s more than philanthropy

A commitment to the Glenrose Hospital is an investment that opens new possibilities for patients and the quality of life for thousands of people—every day for the rest of their lives. Your support lasts through the groundbreaking advancements that will help an endless amount of patient achievements for years to come. It will help turn research and technology into practical solutions, and drive the centres, programs and treatments that create new possibilities for Glenrose patients.
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Give for today

Through the Twenty64 Fund, we are driving the next era of possibilities for patients. Contributions to this fund are activated when new technologies and research become available, which allows us to live one step ahead for patients at the Glenrose. The Twenty64 Fund is a nod to the hospital’s history, founded in 1964, and a look years ahead to bring the future forward and make it accessible at the Glenrose Hospital for years to come.

Give for today

Since 1964…

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital has been a cornerstone for patients from across Alberta for decades. But the Glenrose isn’t like most hospitals—our focus is on lifelong care and patient achievements on their rehabilitation journey. We have become interwoven in the community by continuously innovating. Because we know that a breakthrough for one patient could be life-changing for countless more.
The Glenrose Hospital Foundation is a driver of innovation at the hospital. We provide innovative equipment and facilitate cutting-edge research and technology so our patients get the highest standard of care possible for an immediate and lasting impact.
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