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The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation is the first healthcare foundation in Alberta to welcome cryptocurrency donations

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation (GRHF) has partnered with The Giving Block to accept a variety of different cryptocurrencies as donations to fund life-changing innovations for the hospital. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum are tradable digital assets or digital form of money that only exist online. This added technology enables GRHF to participate in crypto-giving campaigns and connect with a new group of charitable Albertans.

“The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation is focused on research, innovation and technology. Capitalizing on the benefits of digital currencies felt like a logical next step for us,” says Mark Korthuis, President and CEO of Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation. “By accepting cryptocurrency donations, we’re going to open new pathways to fund innovative health technologies that will make a real difference for patients recovering from injury or living with chronic conditions.”

The pandemic continues to impact the revenue of charitable organizations in Alberta. With restrictions and limited income pinching many charities’ revenue streams, accepting digital currencies offers a new potential income stream, keeping non-profits like GRHF competitive. Widespread adoption of digital currencies helps validate these currencies for future uses.

“Bitcoin is becoming an important source of funding for charitable organizations, and it’s exciting to see the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation embracing the digital economy by accepting Bitcoin and various tokens as donations,” says Canadian Blockchain Consortium Executive Director, Koleya Karringten. “In the blockchain ecosystem, we’ve seen how this growing trend is attracting a new generation of donors and technology companies to charitable giving, and it’s a great step towards wider Bitcoin adoption in general.”

PDF of the original release HERE

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