Donation Allocation Policy



To institute a standard practice of allocating a percentage of designated donations to assist with the costs incurred by fundraising and administration and to ensure equitable treatment of all gifts.

Policy Statements

The Glenrose Hospital Foundation’s (GHF) mandate is to raise funds for the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital (GRH) to support patient care enhancement, education, equipment, technology, research, and capital projects. GHF fundraises and accepts donations designated for a specific program or purpose of the Hospital. 90% of restricted donations will be applied as requested. The 10% of retained funds are for administrative/fundraising costs or distribution for the hospital’s highest priority needs.

The retained percentage is determined by the Board of Trustees of the Foundation with consideration to:

    • Equity of recovery of expenses across all funds
    • Ensuring the Foundation recovers 100% of its costs

The scope of this policy includes all restricted gifts with an exception to:

    • Those governed by a specific donor agreement or a separate fund agreement (flow-through)
    • Part of a campaign with a separate agreement for campaign expenses
    • Gaming funds
    • Grants

1.0. Administrative fee assessment

1.1 Fee assessment calculations will be recorded monthly with a reconciliation of all donations at the end of the fiscal year.
1.2 Assessment of a gift allocation will not affect the tax-deductible amount of a donor’s gift to the Foundation. Donors will receive a tax receipt for the eligible amount of their donation based on CRA guidelines.
1.3 A donor may make a gift for a program/area/equipment that receives a specific net amount. In this case, the donor has the option to provide a gift calculated as the net amount intended for the Hospital plus the gift reimbursement allocation portion.

2.0. Disclosure of policy

2.1 Disclosure of the policy will be made to donors’ publicly on donor contract agreements and orally at the time of solicitation.