We’re facing a battle that has changed the way we live. But at a time when we’re all being asked to keep our distance, your local health foundations are coming together.

Please join us in thanking all of our vital front-line care workers from the bottom of our hearts.

Create and place a heart in your home window so our heroes on the front-line see it on their way to and from work. Then post your amazing “HEARTwork” online using #FoundationsOfGratitude.

We want to sincerely thank all of the talented, compassionate health care professionals and support staff in Alberta who are facing COVID-19 head on – day and night – to keep us safe. Through all of this, you somehow find the strength to provide urgent, ongoing acute, emergency and palliative care for kids, youth and adults across our province.

We see and applaud your dedication, compassion and grace. Thank you!

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