Patient Stories

Transforming Lives, Shaping Futures

When most people imagine their life at 27, they don’t picture having a severe stroke that steals their mobility and their identity too. But that’s[...]

In October 2021, Jan’s life changed drastically when she was riding her horse, Wager, at Elk Island National Park. Wager was spooked by a group[...]

People are shocked when they learn that Mandy had a stroke at 36. It was something she never thought would happen to her. Mandy’s stroke[...]

After a car accident in 2010, Stephanie’s legs were amputated. She recently underwent a state-of-the-art surgical procedure called osseointegration which improves function and mobility to[...]

Toby’s Rehab Journey Toby’s mom, Mignon, shares her family’s story: We started the pandemic in the worst way possible when our little boy had a[...]

Thriving after a serious accident Jim never imagined that a small burn on his ankle, from a fire pit grate, would lead to his leg[...]

Herman’s Rehabilitation Journey Herman’s journey began almost three years ago when he was the victim of a random act of violence. Herman sustained a gunshot[...]

Christian is a man of many passions. He’s a proud husband, drama teacher, movie and comic book aficionado, music lover, DJ and radio show host.[...]

18-year-old Hussain was diagnosed at birth with Cerebral Palsy. From the time he was three-years-old he was a patient at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and[...]

Jordan recently learned to do wheelies in her wheelchair, an impressive trick she is proud to demonstrate. The 9-year-old has Giant Axonal Neuropathy, a rare,[...]

Kendra has spent the last few years travelling the world, earning a geology degree, completing her yoga teaching certificate, skiing and otherwise enjoying life. In[...]


Guy knew as soon as he hit the ground that it wasn’t good; he couldn’t move at all. The father of five had been trimming[...]

It was almost seven years ago that Adam lost both of his legs as the result of being hit by a train while at work.[...]