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People are shocked when they learn that Mandy had a stroke at 36. It was something she never thought would happen to her.

Mandy’s stroke happened last January and her first five days in hospital were especially tough. She was almost incoherent. She couldn’t sit up and needed a feeding tube and catheter. After 18 days in an acute care hospital, Mandy had improved enough for a transfer to the Glenrose for rehabilitation.

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At the Glenrose, Mandy met other stroke patients and bonded over their similar journeys. She participated in lots of types of therapy — physiotherapy, occupational therapy and even art therapy. One of her favourite activities was the trampoline, where she was working to get her step reflex back.

After her daily therapy, Mandy’s husband, Brad, would visit and the two would go for walks. As her stamina and strength improved, they would go longer distances (and even bring donuts back for the other patients!) In total, Mandy spent a month as an in-patient at the Glenrose where she relearned how to walk and eat solid foods. Mandy still visits the Glenrose as an outpatient, using the high-tech equipment to help her regain her independence and meet her new goals.

I like to joke about my stroke rather than take it too seriously. But recovery was no joke. I’m so glad I could rely on the expertise at the Glenrose, and their tremendous facilities for rehabilitation.


Patients like Mandy rely on the Glenrose for equipment, technology and expertise to regain their independence after a serious injury or illness. Please consider a gift to the Glenrose to help us accelerate advances in human ability.

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