Driving Simulator

The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital provides driving assessment, counselling, and training for adolescents, adults and seniors who have a wide variety of disabilities or health conditions. This program teaches patients new driving techniques, allows them to choose adaptions for their vehicles, and provides both on-road training and training in a clinical driving simulator.

Thanks to the support of our 2019 Circle of Courage donors the hospital now has a state-of-the-art driving simulator. This new equipment has cutting edge features that allows for patients to have an extremely realistic driving experience in a safe environment.

One patient who has seen the value of this equipment firsthand is Jordan Lockwood. Jordan’s life was changed forever after an accident resulted in an above-knee amputation and reconstruction of his other leg. When he arrived at the Glenrose he had two goals – one of them was to be able to drive again. The driving simulator provided him a safe space to try new modifications and techniques to get him back on the road, regaining his independence.

To read Jordan’s full story, click here.

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