Edmonton Oilers Pediatric Procedure Room

Oilers mascot Hunter standing outside a room with an oilers decal on the wall

Thanks to the generous support of the Edmonton Oilers Community Foundation, the Pediatric Procedure Room was built with our littlest patients in mind. The room is located in the pediatric in-patient area of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. It includes a child-sized procedure table and lots of fun distractions like iPads and virtual reality glasses.

Kids who need minor procedures, such as removing a cast or stitches, enjoy the Hunter-themed room. The pictures of the Edmonton Oilers mascot help them get through the visits, which can sometimes be uncomfortable. Before the room existed, patients would either have the procedures in their own hospital room or have to visit the adult procedure areas all the way on the other side of the hospital. With the opening of the Edmonton Oilers Pediatric Procedure Room, kids can stay close but still keep their own hospital rooms as a safe space.

Watch a video of Hunter visiting with patients in the procedure room

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