Jordan Gagnon 2019 Courage Award Recipient

Jordan recently learned to do wheelies in her wheelchair, an impressive trick she is proud to demonstrate. The 9-year-old has Giant Axonal Neuropathy, a rare, genetic condition. Her mobility is impacted and she relies on a wheelchair to get around.

During her therapy appointments at the Glenrose Hospital, Jordan sets challenging goals for herself. She shows dedication to working towards those goals and she does it with a determined smile. She’s attended two camps with the Glenrose and at each she stood out as a leader among her peers, encouraging others and trying every activity, no matter how scary it seemed. She continually impresses her care team with her willingness to try new things and her desire to see progress through hard work.

In September Jordan started Grade four at a new school and is facing that challenge with her typical optimism. She’s also excited to get a new power wheelchair that will make mobility easier as her condition progresses.

“Jordan consistently attends therapy with a smile on her face and a song in her heart, and usually coming from her mouth as well.” Georgia Diduck, Physiotherapist

Watch Jordan’s Courage Award video here.

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