Dynamic New Brand Focuses on Innovation and Research in Rehabilitation Healthcare

Dynamic New Brand Focuses on Innovation and Research in Rehabilitation Healthcare 

Edmonton, AB – September 12, 2023  

The Glenrose Hospital Foundation is thrilled to announce the launch of our new brand, accompanied by a fresh logo and an updated website. This rebranding reflects our commitment to advancing healthcare through technology, research, and innovation in the field of rehabilitation. Glenrose Hospital Foundation Logo RGB 01 e1694461151889

With a dedication to enhancing the lives of patients and reimagining human ability, the new brand exemplifies our renewed vision for the future of rehabilitation healthcare. The brand’s identity embodies the commitment to progress and discovery, while acknowledging the remarkable history of the Glenrose Hospital and Foundation. 

“This rebrand underscores our commitment to fostering innovation in rehabilitation healthcare. By leveraging technology and research, we aim to push boundaries, enhance patient outcomes, and equip healthcare professionals with the tools they need to excel,” said Mark Korthuis, Glenrose Hospital Foundation President & CEO. 

Key features of the rebrand include a new logo that encapsulates the forward-looking approach with both modern and traditional elements. The Glenrose Hospital Foundation’s revamped website provides an intuitive user experience with streamlined navigation and comprehensive resources. Visitors can explore the latest breakthroughs in rehabilitation technology and research and learn more about the Glenrose Hospital Foundation’s mission and impact. 

Read the full news release here.

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