Wes & Wilf

Courage Award Winners Wes and Wilf

Brothers Wes and Wilf share an exceptional sense of humour. They are plumbers by trade and have personal passions: Wes’ are tinkering on cars and playing poker; Wilf’s are boating, camping and enjoying the outdoors. The brothers were working on a job when propane in the air ignited, causing an explosion and fire. Wes suffered burns to 65% of his body as well as many other injuries and complications. Wilf’s body was 95% burned, he lost his eyesight and sustained other complex injuries. Both men were in comas for months and underwent multiple surgeries. They awoke surrounded by family and friends facing the fight of their lives.

Care teams quickly saw that while Wes and Wilf were stubborn, focused and determined, each took a unique approach to meet their goals. From the minute they woke up each day to the time they went to sleep, both men showed exemplary resilience, strength and positive energy. Together, with their family, they continue their journey, bringing inspiration and encouragement to other burns survivors. “Life goes on and it will get better. Try to stay positive and find the fun times,” says Wilf. “You’re dealt this hand, make the best of it,” says Wes.

“Cheers to the funniest, toughest brothers we’ve ever worked with. You guys have encouraged and inspired us with your strength and resilience. As Marilyn Monroe would say: ‘It’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring’.” Dan, Barb, Rachel Team

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