National Philanthropy Day 2022

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Each year the Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) recognizes those who contribute their time, talent and financial support to charitable organizations. In 2022, the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation is proud to celebrate the contributions of the following individuals and organizations on the advancement of rehabilitation.


Ted and Iona Degner

Ted and Iona Degner demonstrate philanthropic leadership through their commitment to the community and the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. The Degners support the Pediatric Brain-Computer Interface Program (BCI) which opens doors for young patients with severe communication and mobility challenges. BCI technology reads brain activity and translates these signals into messages that external devices use to move or engage in another targeted activity. BCI is changing the world for children with disabilities, whether playing a video game with a family member or creating art for the first time, and Ted and Iona are ensuring this work continues.

“We chose to support the Glenrose Hospital to help make a difference for people less fortunate than ourselves. With all the new and great technology in North America, the Glenrose is able to help their patients experience a more normal life that they would not have been able to achieve on their own.” ~The Degners


Eco Medical Equipment

Eco Medical Equipment is Canada’s largest, independently owned home medical provider and has been a proud supporter of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation for the past 13 years. Through sponsorship of major events, and contributions to hospital projects, Eco Medical Equipment is making a difference in the lives of Glenrose Hospital patients. In addition, Eco Medical’s staff go above and beyond while helping Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital patients find the right equipment to achieve their goals and live independently. The staff at the Glenrose are exceptionally grateful for the partnership and collaboration with Eco Medical.

“The special nature of the Glenrose Hospital is not just about the excellence in care that is made available by health care professionals to its patients who are most in need. Rather, it is about the ability for those same team members to show vulnerability and share a sense of togetherness during the whole journey of recovery for the patients and their family members. That power of connection, relationship and trust is what Eco Medical enthusiastically supports and celebrates each year. Thank you for including us.” ~William Milroy, Owner – Eco Medical Equipment


Marisa Baretta-Nay

Marisa Baretta-Nay has been a donor to the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation since she started working at the Hospital over 40 years ago. Her favourite part of the job is knowing she can make a difference in patients’ lives. Marisa understands the critical role the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital plays in our community, serving patients of all ages who require complex rehabilitation to enable them to participate in life to the fullest. This appreciation only grew stronger after witnessing the exceptional quality of care her mother received as a Glenrose patient. Her ongoing contributions to the Foundation through payroll deductions show the immense impact individuals can have throughout their careers and model the values of a true philanthropist. The Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation congratulates Marisa on her National Philanthropy Day Nomination and thanks her for her ongoing, generous support.

“I have made the Glenrose my home since 1981, it’s all I know. I have always been proud of this house and will always do my best in whatever capacity I can to support it.” ~Marisa Baretta-Nay

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