Courage Award Winner Lincoln

A physically active and adventurous kid, Lincoln always lived his life to the fullest. One day he took an unfortunate fall over the handlebars of his pedal bike causing a severe and life-altering spinal cord injury. He has undergone multiple complex surgeries including stabilization of his spine and repair of a facial fracture. He was on a ventilator for months and had a feeding tube. Lincoln fought to regain his strength to speak, eat, breathe independently during the day, smile and return to home and school.

Lincoln’s courage and positive attitude shone through with his ‘12 Days of Christmas’ series where he sent gifts of gratitude to thousands via video messages from his hospital bed. Glenrose specialists fostered his abilities by introducing a variety of assistive technologies at the earliest opportunity. He quickly embraced all of them, keen and curious to apply technology to his life, even challenging his Glenrose care team to offer more options. Inspiring, resilient, bright, motivated and persistent – Lincoln is once again active and focused on leveraging technology to achieve his freedom. He has joined power soccer, started high school and is always asking “What’s next?”

“Lincoln, our team at the I CAN Centre would like to acknowledge your courage in embracing technology as an integral part of your life. Your curiosity, motivation, positive attitude, and keen sense of what is “right for you” has led to your success. Keep pushing the technology envelope!” – Elaine, Bonnie-Lynn, Jenny, & Janelle

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