Courage Award Winner Liam

With his twin brother, older brother and parents, Liam was very active camping and biking, plus watching and reading Star Wars stories. One day while jumping on the trampoline he hit his head. The initial check up did not discover a problem. Ten days later Liam started to feel unwell and got progressively worse. He had suffered a stroke resulting in quadraparesis, causing a weakness of all his limbs and the inability to eat, swallow and speak.

Following his discharge from acute care, Liam’s intensive therapy at the Glenrose has helped him realize steady gains. He continues to impress his therapists with his cheerfulness, sense of humour and determination. He is now able to drive a power chair using switches and head controls and communicate using laser pointers and a head mouse. Others might have been frustrated with constant trials and re-adjustments; however, Liam’s incredible spirit is to never give up. Liam is teaching everyone about communication perseverance as he navigates through various technologies. He also continues to enjoy hide & seek, playing police officer and using humour to manoeuvre communication breakdowns. Staff love working with him because they know he chooses to have fun even though it is hard work. He continues to reach new milestones and as Dr. Seuss said “Kid, you’ll move mountains.”

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