Legacy Award in Memory of Mary Agnes Radostits

At the 18th annual Courage Awards, held in November 2023, Mary Agnes Radostits was posthumously recognized with the first-ever Legacy Award.

Mary Agnes Radostits had several meaningful connections to the Glenrose Hospital and Foundation. Both her father, Weldon Bateman, and her son, Paul, were patients at the hospital.Chap05 Photo08

Her family, inspired by her father, donated funds to the hospital to build a space where patients could practice real-world activities as part of their rehab. “Easy Street”, as the space was known, featured a grocery store, movie theatre and bus stop. Mary Agnes was very proud that patients could get real life skills practice. She visited the Glenrose often, accompanying Paul to his appointments, providing unwavering support and encouragement as he worked to improve his balance, coordination, and walking abilities.

Chap10 19 1Mary Agnes also made a lasting impact as a founding board member of the Glenrose Hospital Foundation. She was an avid volunteer and displayed deep empathy and compassion for people who were sick or those with disabilities. During her career as a physiotherapist, she helped patients recover from injuries and overcome health challenges. Her selfless nature, commitment to family, strong faith, and love for celebrations defined her character.

The Legacy Award was created to honour Mary Agnes and to celebrate her remarkable contributions to the Glenrose Hospital and Foundation.

Watch the entire 2023 Courage Awards ceremony recording here.

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