Courage Award Winner Jordan

Imagine living nearly eighteen healthy years and then suddenly sustaining a severe brain injury because of bleeding in your brain. While emergency surgery repaired the bleed, Jordan faced many challenges. He was unable to voluntarily move his mouth in any way – open, close, eat, drink or talk. Jordan communicated by giving a thumbs up or down. The muscles in his upper body were also stiff and his sense of balance to sit or stand was lost.

Jordan worked extremely hard every day, pushing himself to keep trying and remain positive even when frustrated. With encouragement from family and therapists he progressed to stand, step, walk and run! He spent hours in stretching therapies to regain use of his arms and hands. He continues the slow process of intense speech therapy sessions to improve communication and has goals involving rugby, long-boarding and snowboarding. Plus, Jordan found time & helpers for fun pranks on mom and fitness training. He successfully completed a Tough Mudder challenge, a feat that would have seemed impossible at one time. A simple and meaningful motto he once learned at a church camp fueled his strength and gave him focus “I can do hard things.”

“Jordan and his family demonstrated incredible courage during an impossibly difficult time. They put their courage into action through determination, perseverance, and unlimited belief in, and love for one another. Jordan overcame incredible obstacles both metaphorically and literally in the summer of 2016 when he participated in the “Tough Mudder” competition with friends and family by his side. In our opinion, they are all tough mudders!” – Janice, Don, Trina, Lara, Darrell & Team

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