Patient Hussain with Glenrose staff member using Syncrude Center Technologies

18-year-old Hussain was diagnosed at birth with Cerebral Palsy. From the time he was three-years-old he was a patient at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and at the young age of five he began using the Syncrude Centre for Motion and Balance.

Hussain, Glenrose Hospital PatientUsing the Motion Analysis Technologies at the Syncrude Centre, staff were able to work with Hussain to improve his walking and address his mobility needs. These technologies guided his treatment plans, and provided critical information to his health care professionals on the surgeries needed to help Hussain live the best life possible.  

To most young children, being connected to wires and sensors might be overwhelming and frightening; however, Hussain says that the staff at the Syncrude Centre were able to put these feelings at ease. Hussain credits the staff for helping his parents learn about Cerebral Palsy, and for helping him to be an advocate for himself.

“The Syncrude Centre gave my parents the assurance to know I would live a relatively normal life. There might be challenges, but with work, they could be overcome.” –Hussain


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