Glenrose Staff Story – Dean

Part of what makes the Glenrose so special is the hospital’s dedicated staff. Dean is a Physiotherapist in the Spinal Cord Injury Unit who has worked at the Glenrose for five years. Dean’s days are spent helping patients relearn how to walk and perform high level balance activities, teaching wheelchair safety, how to navigate obstacles and everything in between.

Passionate about his work, one of Dean’s favorite parts of his job is seeing how some of the smallest movements he gains with his patients can have such a huge impact on their ability to function independently.

“Being able to help people be active participants in their own lives again, in whatever capacity they are able to, is extremely rewarding” says Dean. “We so often take for granted our ability to do simple tasks that we don’t realize for some, this isn’t a reality.”

One of the things that surprised Dean the most about the Glenrose, was how humble the staff are. Before coming to work at the Glenrose Dean looked at the hospital as the pinnacle of specialized rehabilitation in Canada that was home to so many experts. After spending time working in several units at the Glenrose, Dean has realized that all of the staff, despite their area of expertise, view themselves as students – constantly pursuing further knowledge to continue enhancing patient care.

Outside of work Dean has several hobbies. He loves photography, running outdoors, spin and is a huge foodie. Dean’s most memorable moment at the Glenrose was the day he was hired. He was invited to the famous Glenrose Hallowe’en potluck after doing a six week placement in geriatrics. On the way to the potluck Dean received a call telling him he was the successful applicant for a Physiotherapy position. When he arrived at the potluck he was congratulated by his supervisor who was head-to-toe in a chicken costume, while he was dressed as a surfer.

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