Courage Award Recepient Christian

Christian is a man of many passions. He’s a proud husband, drama teacher, movie and comic book aficionado, music lover, DJ and radio show host. In early 2016, Christian faced the battle of his life when he came down with a sudden and severe case of bacterial meningitis. The diagnosis led to several weeks in the ICU where he received multiple skin grafts, and amputations to his legs and thumb.

Once stable, Christian immediately set a goal to walk again. After months of intensive rehabilitation, Christian was fitted with bilateral prosthetic legs and stood up for the first time in 136 days! Soon after, Christian took his first steps with support and can now walk independently with a cane.

Christian has not allowed his illness to change or define who he is. He is happily teaching again,
has directed a new play and recently celebrated the 10-year anniversary of hosting his radio show. Christian’s courage shines through every day with his determination, humility and sense of humour. His ability to overcome his illness, achieve his goals and remain positive serves as an inspiration to those around him.

Watch Christian’s Courage Award video here.

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