2019 Impact Award

President & CEO Miranda Jordan-Smith and Board Chair Rick Vogel present Su-Ling Goh with first ever Impact Award.

This year marked the 25th anniversary of the Glenrose Foundation. As a charitable organization, the Foundation regularly reports back to the community on the impact of their philanthropic support. We are incredibly proud of the impact our community of donors and supporters have made on patient lives over the last 25 years.

In recognizing the power of story-telling as a means of garnering support and heightening the profile of the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital and Foundation, this year we added an award to our annual Courage Awards celebration. This award recognizes an individual who serves as a powerful voice for the Glenrose Hospital in our community.

This year we were so proud to present this award to Su-Ling Goh of Global Edmonton. Su-Ling has shared hundreds of stories of the unique programs and innovative equipment at the Glenrose while always focusing on what is most important: positive patient outcomes and experiences.

Su-Ling uses her platform as Edmonton’s only health news reporter to educate the public and inspire generosity in supporting local healthcare organizations. She is an ambassador for the Glenrose and always takes time to make connections with people, and to understand and share their stories with grace and positivity.

Su-Ling as also graciously emceed our Courage Awards for the past 12 years. We were so pleased to present Su-Ling with our first every Impact Award and thank Su-Ling for her ongoing support.


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