Give Securities

Give the gift of securities — like shares and bonds — and mutual fund units to make a tax-smart investment towards the Glenrose Hospital Foundation. By giving the gift of securities, you will:  

    1. Reduce Your Taxes – In most cases, by donating securities or mutual funds, you will eliminate the capital gains tax you would otherwise have to pay if you chose to sell your securities and donate the cash.
    2. Get a Charitable Tax Receipt – You will receive a tax receipt for the fair market value of your donation.  
    3. Transform Lives – Your donation will help reimagine human ability, for those in Alberta and beyond.  

Make your gift today. Consult with your financial advisor to decide which of your investments will have the greatest financial and philanthropic impact, download and complete our Securities Letter of Direction Form, and instruct your broker to send your securities to the Glenrose Hospital Foundation. Send us a copy of your form so we can send it to our broker and share our sincerest gratitude for your gift.