Circle of Courage

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The Circle of Courage is a special group of donors who commit at least $1,000 towards an annually designated program or piece of equipment. For 2023, the Circle of Courage will be supporting the purchase of a g.tec recoveriX PRO system. This unique equipment pairs brain-computer interface technology with a muscle stimulation system for stroke rehabilitation. Once in use at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, the recoveriX has the potential to help patients regain lost motor functioning and range of motion, decrease spasticity and tremors and improve the ability to walk following stroke.

The Glenrose will be one of the first hospitals in Canada to use the recoveriX system, all thanks to the Circle of Courage donors.

The Circle of Courage is generously sponsored by the Wheaton Family Foundation.

Sign up for the 2023 Circle of Courage below and join the others making big impact for Glenrose patients.

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