Imagination Centre

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The Imagination Centre

The Imagination Centre at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital is home to the Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) program. BCI technology is one way the Imagination Centre is changing lives.

What are Brain-Computer Interfaces?

BCI’s are rapidly advancing technology that allow people to control devices using only their minds. A special headset picks up brain signals and sends them to a computer, which can then control devices such as video games, robots, remote-controlled cars, smart home technology, and even power wheelchairs. The Glenrose Hospital in Edmonton is one of only three hospitals in Canada using BCI technology with pediatric patients.

Meet some of the patients benefitting from BCI at the Imagination Centre.

As part of the BCI-CAN network, the Imagination Centre is committed to driving pediatric BCI research and innovation forward. Along with partners across Canada, the Glenrose team shares technical and clinical expertise, collaborates on multi-centre research initiatives, and collectively trains future pediatric BCI experts.

Donor Impact

Glenrose Foundation donors are supporting the future of BCI and other neuroadaptive research and programs at the Imagination Centre. The equipment and technology are rapidly advancing and it’s critical that specialists at the Glenrose Hospital can access new technology and resources for their patients. Donor investments make this possible.

Read about the impact donors are making.

The Power of Imagination

The talented clinicians, researchers and support staff at the Imagination Centre are just getting started when it comes to the potential of neuroadaptive technologies. By harnessing the power of imagination, they hope to help even more people achieve their goals and live the best lives possible. The Glenrose Hospital Foundation has committed to funding the Imagination Centre, including new and emerging neuroadaptive technologies, over the next few years. Community support makes these advancements possible, and many incredible donors have already stepped up. If you would like to learn more about the opportunities for supporting the Imagination Centre, contact us, or make a donation today.

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