2022 Courage Award Recipients

Photo of a woman sitting in a park with her daughter and husband. The seated woman is holding an award.

Meet the 2022 Courage Award Recipients

Each year staff at the Glenrose Hospital nominate their patients for a Courage Award. The criteria for nomination includes demonstrating courage and serving as a role model to other patients during their rehabilitation journeys. This year, three inspiring individuals were chosen as recipients.


Jan was seriously injured when her horse was spooked by bison and she had to make an emergency dismount. She spent several months at the Glenrose Hospital where she underwent specialized rehabilitation in order to get back in the saddle, literally! Her empathy and motivation inspired patients and staff at the Glenrose Hospital.

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Michael’s wife tragically passed away during the pandemic and shortly after, he was hospitalized for COVID-19. He spent several months at the Glenrose Hospital where he overcame many challenges. Michael’s team was touched by his kindness and his relationships with fellow patients.

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Jenna’s communication and mobility disabilities don’t stop her from connecting with others in a meaningful way. With the help of her care team at the Glenrose Hospital, Jenna has embraced technology to aid in her communication with others. Her positivity and compassion are inspiring!

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Courage Awards Ceremony

The ceremony was held virtually on November 8, 2022. Watch the recording

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