2019 National Philanthropy Awards Celebration

On November 21, 2019 we celebrated 125 award recipients at the National Philanthropy Awards Celebration. The Glenrose Foundation was proud to have nominated three of the recipients who have made a tremendous impact at the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital. We thank each of them for their contributions and are pleased to share their stories below.


Isabel Henderson blk bkgrd 5x7.jpegIsabel Henderson

Since 1995 Isabel Henderson has influenced the world of rehabilitative care. While Isabel held a major leadership role in the healthcare system she truly embodied the belief that impact is also made through generous giving. Her donations have made possible new innovation in services, the application of cutting edge technology and the advancement of research. Isabel’s donations to the Glenrose Foundation can be found as far back as 1996 with donations becoming increasingly more frequent and generous every year since. Whether it was a general campaign or a restricted donation towards a specific piece of advanced equipment Isabel has touched almost every corner of the Glenrose. The words of Winston Churchill could not be more fitting for Isabel, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.”


Wilson e1574817602615


Wilson Quan – First Response to Fashion

Wilson Quan is no stranger to PTSD and mental illness, having spent three years with Calgary Police Service and fourteen with Edmonton Police Service. Wilson witnessed the psychological effects of working closely with tragedy and stress in First Responders, as well as the destructive effects on their lives when the effects go untreated. Wilson’s passion to find treatment for his fellow First Responders drove him to create First Response to Fashion and to partner with the Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital Foundation. The organization goals aligned with his own and First Response to Fashion has been donating funds towards the development of therapies for PTSD for the past five years, including to the CAREN, a virtual reality therapy tool to assist in recovery from PTSD. The phenomenal relationship between Wilson Quan and the Glenrose Foundation continues to raise the bar in finding and funding therapies to treat PTSD.




Children’s Ability FundPresident & CEO Miranda Jordan-Smith with Chiildren's Ability Fund at 2019 National Philanthropy Day Awards

The Children’s Ability Fund made a generous donation to the Glenrose Foundation and I CAN Centre which is making a significant impact on the quality of life for children in Northern Alberta. The donation will ensure every child with disabilities who requires the use of assisted technology to communicate, control their own environment or be independently mobile will always have ready access to trial or loan state of the art technology. This technology guarantees children the opportunity to learn, play, enjoy and live life to the fullest. The donation enabled the establishment of a new Early Intervention Program with technology, equipment, mobility devices and educational toys specific to supporting children as young as one year old.


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